Bread rolls recipe,how to make bread rolls | Potato stuffed bread rolls recipe

bread rolls recipe1

Bread rolls recipe is a healthy and filling breakfast/snacks for toddlers and kids.This potato stuffed bread rolls recipe can be prepared with easily available ingredients and take less time too.Initially you might not get the rolling part seamlessly but for sure you can master … [Read more...]

Upma kozhukattai recipe | pidi kozhuattai recipe,how to make upma kozhukattai

Vinayaka chaturthi recipes

Upma kozhukttai recipe is one of the kozhukattai recipes (steamed dumplings) we make for vinayaka chathurthi.Apart from vinayaka chathurthi upma kozhukattai is also made for breakfast or snacks.It is extremely easy to make upma kozhukattai and it is one of the very healthy and … [Read more...]

Eggless breakfast cookies recipe,how to make breakfast cookies | Eggless baking recipes

eggless breakfast cookies recipe

Egg less breakfast cookies recipe is a tasty finger food/breakfast/snacks for toddlers/kids.I used to love breakfast cookies from unibic and buy them whenever I get a chance,somehow my interest faded away or I am not able to find them in store these days,so I went without … [Read more...]