Kara chutney recipe | How to make kara chutney for idli

kara chutney recipe

Kara chutney recipe with step by step photos. Sharing a yummy, spicy and very flavorful chutney recipe that goes absolutely well with soft idlis. I am getting frequent requests for more chutney recipes. Idli or dosa being our breakfast most of the time we are always on look out … [Read more...]

vadacurry recipe | Chettinad vadacurry recipe

vadacurry recipe a

Vadacurry recipe with step by step photos. Today I am sharing with you all a classic chettinad side dish which also very famous in Chennai. Vadacurry recipe is atypical breakfast side dish here that is served with idli, appam, set dosa, idiyappam etc. I got many requests to post … [Read more...]

corn fritters recipe | No deep fry sweet corn fritters recipe

corn fritters recipe a

Corn fritters recipe with step by step photos. Corn fritters recipe or sweet corn fritters recipe is a popular snack around the globe. Usually eggs are used in making corn fritters. Corn fritters recipe I am sharing today is more of Indian version. I usually make sweet corn vada … [Read more...]

Set dosa recipe | Soft set dosa recipe

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Set dosa recipe with step by step photos.  A stack of three absolutely soft, spongy and porous dosas served with spicy and flavorful vadacurry, that is set dosa for you! Set dosa recipe is a very popular type of dosa served in Karnataka and Tamil nadu alike. In Karnataka I have … [Read more...]