Restaurant style dal fry recipe,how to make dal fry

dal fry recipe

Dal fry recipe is one of the most sought after Punjabi side dish recipes,of course after the paneer recipes :). I have eaten dal fry in restaurants only very few times, I feel making dal fry recipe similar to restaurant taste is quite simple and we can make it  healthy and … [Read more...]

Oven roasted cashew nuts recipe,how to roast cashews in oven

oven roasted cashews recipe 1

Oven roasted cashew nuts recipe is a great guilt free snack (of course cashew nuts contains fat,but far better than any store bought chips or something) that you can munch along with tea or flipping your favorite magazine on a cold day.The temperature is dripping here and it is … [Read more...]

Besanwali simla mirch recipe

besanwali simla mirch zunka recipe4

Besanwali simla mirch recipe is a simple vegan stir fry with a splendid concoction of green bell pepper(simla mirch) and gram flour(besan). This side dish recipe is from Karnataka. Just after getting married we lived in Bangalore for an year before moving to Chennai and the owner … [Read more...]

Aval cutlet recipe | Poha cutlet recipe

poha cutlet recipea

Aval cutlet recipe/poha cutlet recipe is an easy to make all time favorite snack of mine. Aval/beaten rice/poha is one of my favorite ingredients that I largely depend up on for quick cooking.This poha cutlet recipe will be a great breakfast for kids/toddlers  and also a nice tea … [Read more...]